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  Topic: (The last) Wellington Axé weekend (of the year)
  2006-11-01 22:03:28
OK Wellingtonians, help me out on this one. It's time for some shameless promotion of the up-and-coming November Wellington Axé Weekend!

Yes, we have been saturated with Axé this year. Maybe we will calm it down a bit for 2007 but let's see 2006 out with style! Come to Wellington on 10th November and join in with our capoeira/samba/maculelê and other stuff extravaganza weekend.

Check out the link on the home page and see the schedule we have lined up for you. There's even a barbecue! And judging by the shopping skills of the Wellingtonians at Hamilton's Axé weekend, you know your dietary requirements will be catered for.
(Acknowledgement at this point goes to H-town 'The City of The Future' for the barbecue idea.)

I shall start e-mailing soon to get ideas of numbers coming, people who need accommodation, barbecue dietary requirements (apart from Tucano) blah-de-blah, so make sure you are subscribed to the e-mail lists...

P.S. Clô is back in Wellingtown. Samba is just not the same without her.
  2006-11-02 13:15:45
Yes indeed, come one come all to the capital, HOME of Axe Weekend. Prepare yourselves for some mean games now that we've got Clo back from Brazil and Raposa (looking all Bahiano) and his Austrian counterpart Raposa do Norte, and all the regular characters like Pinga Fogo, Quindim, Loba, Arawhetu and perhaps even an appearance from the originator himself the mighty Acucar.

Wellington yall, where Axe Weekends were born.
  2006-11-02 21:42:02
I'm sure it was the aucklanders that gave it that name, 'Axe Weekend'?

I have of course enjoyed myself completely everytime, even the days that acucar graced the roda ad the bar afterward.

  2006-11-03 10:14:47
Naturally you would make such a spurious claim, Muggz. No no, it was the aforementioned mighty Acucar who dubbed it Axe Weekend. And speaking of the sugar daddy and bars, there may just be a new undercover bar in Wellington in the not too distant future; schemes between Acucar and other malandros are afoot...
  2006-11-03 11:27:14
Sp..sp..sp..well whateva, i recall discussing this in a bar with Acucar over a bottle of champagne...naturally.

Acucar where are you man, half in shadow half in 40 deg?
  2006-11-03 15:42:26
I forgot to ask in class yesterday, too busy tring to organise Waiheke and Cordoes etc... But I guess here is as good a place as any. Any other Aucklanders going down to Welly with space in a car I could bum a ride in? I'm keen to go down, and willing to chip in, and bring axé etc. etc. :D Um, I'll ask next time I'm amongst people, but if anyone reads this and can help out, reply, email: [email protected] or txt 0273279716. Wicked, cheers!
  2006-11-05 22:42:57
Mungunza, I have a Capoeira Pasifika t-shirt ready to send you but you may have to publicly admit first where the axis of axé really started...

To all others coming from out of town to our November Axé weekend, it will be great to host you here in Welling-town. I shall e-mail the national list regarding the need for accommodation.
  2006-11-06 11:56:34
Well it does have certain ring of truth, being the axis of axe' as Wellington is located in the middle of NZ.

Yeah, if you can send t-shirt that would be great, please email me [email protected].

Thanx heaps, the one I got is so dirty.

Oh Ziggie I got the words for the song you wanted

como e bonito pisada do caboclo (x2)

ele pisa na terra de lado do outro
ele vem de Angola vamos embora caboclo


ele pisa na terra de lada da rasta
ele vem de Angola vamos embora caboclo


hope you enjoy.
  2006-11-06 21:45:46
Correction cuz.

ele pisa na terra de lado da rasta
(third line of the lead)

  2006-11-08 16:55:40
Cheers brother, much appreciated. You wouldn't by any chance know the full lyrics and meaning (it's full of words from some African language) of the song 'Nkosi biole Sibiola' would you? You can hear it here:
It's a great clip from Grupo Nzinga, really shows the expressive nature of the group and the warm atmosphere.

Those 2 songs are the main ones that I heard heaps and developed a real liking for in Salvador but never actually learned.

Thanks again bro.
  Joshua Tree
  2006-11-08 21:31:57
A last minute momento - If anyone is driving from auckland to wellington and has seat-space, boot-space or roof-space (I'm easy) please let me know,


JOsh - 021022 666 24
  Joshua Tree
  2006-11-08 21:38:25
Oh, and on the note of "calming it down for 2007"'; this is a ludicrous suggestion. The one Axe I went to, I like a lot, and I want to like more. I hope next year the Axe's will multiply fruitfully, untamed, and be as calm as a coconut in a fat mama's cooking pot.
  2006-11-08 22:33:32
I'm at work dude, but will be no problem. I got that C.D. and the lyrics, I'll find it for you. The meaning will be tricky but I know someone, leave it with me and I'll see what I can do.

  2006-11-09 11:43:07
Wicked, thanks heaps Muggz, I appreciate the effort. Where did you pick up the CD?
  2006-11-09 13:22:33
From one of Janja students in Sao Paulo, if I can find it I'll send it to you.

Sweet as
  2006-11-10 10:43:51
Here ya go Ziggie,

nkosi biole siblolala
eme kajamungongo

(coro) nkoso biole sibilolala

not my thing but enjoy, I heard there's haka in the house.
  2006-11-10 20:41:51
ionolsen44 So interesting site, thanks!
  2006-11-13 15:23:50
So, how was Axe weekend?
  2006-11-13 15:53:09

thanks to everyone who put it on, especially Quindim, and whoever organised the sunshine. thanks for treating me like a wellingtonian

one missing element was the Acucar himself - was he working on his new bar...?
  2006-11-13 16:17:53
Yeah, big ups to the welly crew, was lots of fun! Always fun playing with different people. Good vibe down in welly, and it was awesome to get sunshine. Thanks to everyone who made it possible, and contributed their ax� and everything, and for making us Aucklanders feel nice and welcome :D.

Oh, and I did see the Acucar walking down the street once, but headed in the opposite direction...Hmm

:D All in all, wicked weekend. One of the highlights, of course, had to be the 11 hour drive home thanks to a nice long stop in taupo for fish & chips and a soak in the hot pools...Oh yeeeaah...Hope to see y'all in Mt. Maunganui or Waiheke in December!
  2006-11-13 18:57:13
As always it was a COOL weekend in Wellington. I didn't get to see big Sugar but you cant' always get what you want. Get a bogan car load up to Mt Maunganui, spread the Axe'.
  2006-11-13 21:54:54
Ah, you all beat me to a posting.
I was going to say thanks to all who attended the events this weekend and special thanks to the Aucklanders who made it down. It was really good to see you all, especially as you just made it to the roda on Friday too. No mean feat. I know the horrors of the Wellington/Auckland trip on a weekend.

A�ucar was at the barbecue early on so it just goes to show it pays to be on time... As you can see, we run a tight ship here. Hmmm, well maybe not completely water tight, the Ax� keeps on spilling out.
Thanks also to the Wellies that helped me make it happen, and Tucano you ARE a Wellingtonian. There is no denying it.
Cheers to all the teachers too. We certainly couldn't have the classes without you.

Unfortunately I'll be unable to make either the Mount or Waiheke (gutted) due to various friends' birthdays but I'll be in Auckland in February sometime!
  2006-11-14 13:55:27
I guess when you're building and designing a new bar you have to spend a bit of time test-driving it first...
  2006-11-14 21:13:45
My how, rumours spread and grow... I mention the POSSIBILITY of a new underground bar and Acucar's POSSIBLE involvement and the next thing you it's "Acucar missed the workshops because he was building his new bar." No, no, no, Acucar is but one in the possible schemes and the bar is far from definite, a fair way off if it actually does happen, and definitely an underground (speakeasy) type affair. And of course those of you who really know Acucar would have known that the one workshop or class that he wouldn't miss would be the barbecue.

Anyway, thanks again to everyone who came and contributed to the Axe especially those from out of town. One thing that we haven't quite sussed out through all the years of Axe weekends is the optimal timetable for Sunday, but bare with us, we'll work it out eventually.

Um, dois, tres...
  Napoleon Solo
  2006-11-14 22:35:55
Bare with us? It ain't that kind of party!
  2006-11-15 02:26:08
Sounds like yet another awesome event and everyone enjoyed. Nice 1.

Thanks for t-shirt Naomi, it's a perfect fit, it's great I can wear it with my white trousers.

  2006-11-15 09:39:12
Oh now she's getting all the credit. If she didn't steal all my stock I'd've been on to it MONTHS ago...
  2006-11-15 14:03:19
spoil a good rumour why don't you...
  2006-11-16 23:32:40
Hey Mungunza,
Glad the t-shirt arrived safe and sound. Always willing to help out a fellow pudding.

The Wellington branch of Brabo's Bazaar has always had a reputation for fine customer service and here we have a perfect illustration of such quality and efficiency in its new overseas service.
  2007-02-11 13:44:27
Hello, my name is Alex, i'm a newbie here. I really do like your resource and really interested in things you discuss here, also would like to enter your community, hope it is possible:-) Cya around, best regards, Alex!
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