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  Topic: Ultimate fighter???
  One inch puncher
  2006-08-13 06:47:01
I reckon Jet Lee would kick any Capoeira fighters ass!!!!!
I challenge anyone to prove me wrong.

Come on step up!!!
  2006-08-13 12:13:15
Pssht, not if they were both playing Capoeira. I bet he can't play berimbau either.
  2006-08-13 19:24:46
dont talk, just fight i accept your challenge.
  Mung bean
  2006-08-14 10:39:12
we want to be your friend one inch puncher
  2006-08-14 14:09:11
We can all rest assured on one point: Jet Lee will most definitely not be holding this conversation with anyone. As in:

Jet Li (to capoeirista): "I could totally kick your ass"

My experience is that capoeira is not about fighting. It's about playing a game, making music, enjoying the thrill of movement and improvisation.

I assume Jet Li has no problem with these things, so we need not be too concerned about an up-and-coming ass whooping from him.
  One inch puncher
  2006-08-14 14:48:19
Hey Mung Bean chew on this .... I ain't here to be friends with no one!
I'm a bad ass!!!!

Hey Centrado you have an interesting point but check this; Capoeira IS a fighting art.
It's the Brazilian fight dance right?!
I read about that Bimba guy he was a hard ass.... he fought Ju Jitsu guys didn't he?

  Bruce lee
  2006-08-14 14:48:53
Hollywood can make any one look as quick and as powerfull as me...Ask Baolo.
  Credibility Police
  2006-08-14 15:09:25
Just, for the record, next time you go making 'bad ass' claims about someone you might wanna make sure you spell their name right. It might add some credibility to your claim. Then again, maybe not, but at least you won't look too retarded :P And we can hardly be expected to pass comments some Jet Lee that we've never heard of. It'd be presumptuous to just assume you mean Jet Li.

  One inch puncher
  2006-08-14 15:43:23
Hey Mr/Ms/Mrs Policeperson don't go gettin' all symantical and gramatical up in my face.
I don't go calling anyone retarded even if they can't spell so good.
Gettin' personal doesn't prove anything!!!
You can do better than that.
Even Jet would agree with that point.
Check it!!!
  2006-08-14 15:44:06
hey one inch! your full of shit. talk it up a little more why don't ya, i could'nt care less what you've read or what you think you know about capoeira. but you are right in saying that capoeira is a fighting art! sounds to me is that your just another bruce lee\ jet li wanna be. so piss off!
  2006-08-14 15:53:59
whats wrong? you got nothing to say now! i think i can hear something..... sounds like your ballz dropping!! plop! plop!
  One inch puncher
  2006-08-14 16:23:09
Ok Akuma I give up you got me good with that one.

I was just throwin in one of those classic arguments this vs. that.
I will piss off.... but think about this check your selves.
Centrado has the right attitude he sees Capoeira for what it means to him even if he gets challenged.
If any of you other Capoeira dudes got anything else to say (any killer punches) I can take it.

  2006-08-14 16:35:01
one inch puncher i practise capoeira. i'll fight you, you set up time and place. like i said before don't talk, just fight.
  One inch puncher
  2006-08-14 17:00:54
Ha ha ok ra.
I just give Jet a call and get back to you ok?!
  2006-08-14 17:06:19
from what i understand capoeira can be broken up into three parts a fight, a game , and a dance. different schools have different philosophies, and if its the fighting aspect of capoeira you want, then i'll be more then happy to meet your so called challenge!
  2006-08-14 17:16:43
why would you give jet a call, he's not a real fighter. if you knew anything about jet li you would know that his area of expertise is tao lou which is mainly forms (similar to kata in the karate styles), i'm not saying he has'nt had any real fights. but real fighting is not his strong point. you like to talk alot don't you, so are you a real fighter or are you just another wanna be trying to kick up some dust?
  2006-08-14 17:20:28
you can't be a real fighter, if you need to call someone to do your fighting for you.
  2006-08-14 17:28:07
  2006-08-14 20:07:22
It would be an honour to fight jet li, i am injured with a hip problem and havent been able to properly train in capoiera since the end of last year but id be up for it.

"one inch puncher", can u actualy peform a one inch punch or dose it end up more like a push, like most other bruce lee wana be's?

i have studied japanise arts, chinese arts, and now capoiera.. i find most people dont want to practice any martial art for its martial qualities, same goes for capoiera, but some of us do, and i think ur ignorant coments would make those of us who do be glad to show you how effective it can be!
  2006-08-14 22:11:24
come on 1 inch pianist wea u at you all kaka u got some challengers waiting oops whats that plop plop lol!
  2006-08-14 22:14:52
nothing i hate more than a big mouth coward
  2006-08-14 22:15:58
speaking of jet li has any1 seen fearless cool movie some say his last not to sure?. chur!
  2006-08-14 22:29:34
not yet.. seen clips of it.... speeking of new movies i have a bad copy of Ong-Bak2 with the ccapoiera scene everyones talking about... very good movie!!! just wish my copy was decent quality with out bits ofl the story cut out, and in english, or had subtitles
  2006-08-14 23:18:01
the ones ive got are good qual n subed cant stand dubed movies its like learning capoeira from a dvd you dont get the full story. chur!
  2006-08-14 23:37:48

When a capoeirista is free within themselves, they have no means for violence and certainly nothing to prove to anyone.
Capoeira is about taking a different perspective to confrontation and life.

As for comparing this art in a fight with Jet Li...
I think "one inch punch" is correct in what he says...
Jet Li would kick any capoeira fighters ass... because it would be in the script of the movie... Jet Li is a movie star and unless he was the bad guy in the movie then it's quite likely the script would have Jet Li victorious over any fighter.

If "one inch punch" had of proclaimed to be able to defeat any capoeira fighter or us personally, then I think it gives license for us to get offended by his "challenge"... however he made a challenge to us with an idea, by using a mere comparison between someone who we know only from hollywood movies, and a capoeira "fighter". A true "capoeirista" would more likely get Jet Li's autograph and exchange ideas and conversation if they personally encountered Jet Li, rather than get into a fight.
  2006-08-15 00:02:37
Ax� to that Feiticeiro :D
  One inch puncher
  2006-08-15 12:02:32
Feiticeiro props to you my man!!!!
You are a very wise dude.... you saw what no one else was seeing bro.
No doubt you are the thinking Capoeirsta and a bomb ass strategist in a game of wits or a fight which is one and the same!
When a challenge comes you got to see it for what it is.
I never challenged any of you to a smackdown just some exchange of thoughts.
Some answers I got were got were just straight up attitude ..... can't reason with that shit.

Meditate on this:
An explaination for the One Inch Punch
The principle of the "Fa Jing" punch

Fa Jing litterally means "Explosive Power". It is considered an "internal" kind of power, as opposed to muscular strength. It has got a lot to do with the concept of "Qi". But that part of the story is not relevant here. It mostly has to do with staying relaxed and creating a fluid, whiplike motion that doesn�t "telegraph". It doesn�t rely on musclepower, but a kind of sudden, "explosive" force that the opponent can�t brace himself for. He has been thrown off-balance before he realized something happened. It leaves him quite shocked.

My One Inch Punch was a small explosive statement!
Feiticeiro you saw my punch coming.

  2006-08-15 12:03:51
a challenge is a challenge, and i dont take any challenge lightly. chumps like "one inch" need to be put in their places.
  2006-08-15 12:07:55
besides if "one inch" wanted to know how capoeira would go in a reality fight all he\she had to do was ask nicely
  One Inch Punch
  2006-08-15 12:08:52
Hey ra

You gonna kick someone ass cause they said something that got you trippin?

That ain't fighter thats a bully.
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