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  Topic: Ultimate fighter???
  2007-10-22 15:31:27
Let's see, am I gonna post as T, Rastinha, Mandinguero, ???, Enigma or Rachel today? Wrap your admin IP scan around that, foo!
  2007-10-23 08:35:15
This thread is really living up to its title. It still has the juice to go a few more rounds I'm sure.
  gpidwvtkq poqdfsxvi
  2007-10-24 06:23:35
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  2023-01-31 07:32:52
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  2023-01-31 21:50:52
WOW!!! this was a really great topic and long too, ive learned alot from it, especially from Feiticeiro, One inch puncher, Andarilho, Le�o, narizinho, Mung bean, Centrado, and Mungunza. all of you have your heads on your shoulders pretty well, man i feel really enlightened.

  2023-02-01 18:32:19
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