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  Topic: Are all capoeira people hippies?
  2007-06-19 16:55:17
Meat theme cont:

What did one canibal say to other after eating a Clown?

"Did he taste funny to you?"
  2007-06-19 18:17:11

I'm actually a juggler...
  2007-06-19 18:19:35

this thread has been a good source of entertainment. thank you to all involved *hear hear!*
  2007-06-19 19:47:14
Its true vegans dnt really have much fat on them aye?. tht means more meat 4 every1 yay!!!!
  2007-06-19 23:27:54
HEY.... thats no fair!!!!.... the last thing i remember typing, was my yak about net fairys......not the other stuff..... PLEASE leave my name alone.... atleast untill i get a another one from Mestre Brabo...(hint, hint...lol)....
Yay to eating Vegans..... Omnivores are to fatty....hehehe
  2007-06-20 13:27:38
man, talk about an unfriendly forum...
  2007-06-20 14:49:35
"Fruitarians" unite!
You vegans are vegie killers.
Vegan violence towards living vegetables has to stop!
  2007-06-20 14:59:56
oh, we kid because we love.
  2007-06-20 15:28:11
Ill 2nd and 3rd that Pan�a
  2007-06-20 15:29:52
  2007-06-20 15:54:29
Yeah, it�s like little kids who like each other throwing rocks at each other in the playground...


[Wonders whether George will return to make any further comments or if he has abandoned all hope of this thread ever being sane and on topic again...]
  2007-06-20 21:39:37
oh come now Sticks don't take it to hard.... you know imitation... its the sincerest form of fattery... hehehe
  2007-06-20 21:49:00

... and here I am missing you all: vegans, vegetarians, omnivores, and everything in between.

  2007-06-21 16:43:20
Rastinha: we got trolled.

Luckily we're all mellow hippies and didn't break out the torches and pitchforks.
  2007-06-21 21:50:42
man, I'm just thankful no-one tried to eat me... good thing cause I'm not that funny anyway.

Did I mention I'm actually a juggler? [cough]
  2007-06-21 22:58:44
Well I'm a vegetarian, so no reason to eat me... Too much fat to be healthy, not enough fat to be tasty...lol. Plus, my name is Rastinha...that means LITTLE Rasta... Not enough here to go around everyone, I can assure you...
  2007-06-22 11:58:25
Yeah and i'm a vegetarian...from space...you don't want radiation poisoning do you! or if you're lucky it will be gamma rays and you will get mutated like the fantastic 4 or maybe the x-men will let you join....
  2007-06-22 12:13:45
One could probably play some very interesting capoeira as a mutant... Depending on what your mutation was of course. Imagine some extra arms or legs...now that would be sweet! bananeira on 3 hands...4 even... yep. Unnaturally bendy... Oh wait, we already have Minhoca and Feiticeiro for that, lol... Amongst others. Now, laser death rays shooting from one's eyes? THAT's what I call danger... he he he...
  2007-06-22 15:28:18
A bananeira on three hands? That would be a strong base, which would be rather unfair. Mind you, is fairness even a virtue in Capoeira?
  2007-06-22 18:02:33
no its not, its all about winning
  2007-06-22 22:01:55
I do not understand what you mean when you say that Capoeira is all about winning. Could you could elaborate?
  2007-06-23 12:15:22
  2007-06-23 13:45:07
Can I make you a cup of coffee?
  2007-06-23 21:36:12
  2007-06-23 22:41:16
Would you like some cake then?

It doesn't have any animal-derived products in it. Promise.
  2007-06-24 22:59:04
Ill be up for some cake.... and tea.... fruity infusions are my fav....helps digest those omnivores, and Rastinha, i think playing with someone with laser death rays shooting from one's eyes, would be like trying to play with cyclops (the x-men) with the ability of Beast( another x-men).... ok, so i watch X-3 today.....
still.... some cake and a cuppa tea sounds good.... while watching aliens and mutants play capoeira behind reinforced sheilding.... dont want to get hit by a stray beam.
  2007-06-24 23:00:14
yup, im back.... cant you tell.... the randomness of my threads..... kinda like me.... Random.
  2007-06-25 19:21:39
I'd be up for some cake too, Palhaco. It'd be interesting to meet you...
  2007-06-25 21:33:31
INTEREST! think ill find a more interesting forum...
  2007-06-26 12:35:33
Maybe on the way you could also find the clown who's been posting as Palhaco...
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