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  Topic: Are all capoeira people hippies?
  Rear Watson
  2007-08-17 16:48:57
Yes i do believe i have him figured out.
And yes an anal thrashing would be splendid. Although it does make me sore and smelly. and i end up playing Capoeira like shit.
  2007-08-17 19:04:46
@Watson: You might be right; other possibilities might be:

a. that "George" is from another Capoeira or MA group
b. that "George" is not from another group.
c. that "George" is from within CMA

@Moderator (& Mestre): is this forum condoned?

  2007-08-21 09:03:21
The first time I saw Capoeira was with a bunch of stoners. It was the funniest thing! Only later did I read up on it and get an idea of what it's about.
  2007-08-21 09:06:41
Dear Watson: Your analysis of Sherlock sounds a lot like that of Anakin Skywalker.
  2007-08-21 09:49:58
It's better to play Capoeira than just read or watch. Although there are some really good books on the subject.
Hey Cake do you play Capoeira?
  Dear Watson
  2007-08-21 16:34:57
Right you may be cake. Sounds a bit like that it does.
  2007-08-21 16:48:41
Scones: No, I don't. It's not my thing. Curiosity just got the better of me when I wondered about the hippie-Capoeira connection. How do you think I found this thread? :)
  hxoackltb arxpdu
  2007-12-22 16:19:26
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  2007-12-25 13:51:44
Kia ora nga hoa!
What a mission to read through! Good to see were passionate about commenting! What got me in all of these words was C. Georges comment
" I love capoeira and allways will, just tryin to find a place i feel comfy. Thats up to nobody but myself, Iknow that."
I�m apart of this crew of Kiwi Capoeirstas and they are all dear to my heart (Rastinha your one Amazing sister!) but I understand the desire to feel related and comfortable within a group.
(Which I personal think can never truly exist as we will always have concerns that hold us back and, as said, it is up to you to work it out, and some people just put up with shit and forget they can make a difference. So I think its great you have commented about your feelings about Capoeira in NZ, and the comments that have been returned. This forum is a great way to express and get feedback with out having the face-to-face confrontation. I think (personally) you should train with us and shear what you know to help the growth and message of Capoeira spread out into the darkness. I also think that bringing these issues/blogs to our camps would be really cool!)
I'm living in Japan and have been training with a lot of different Capoeira groups in Tokyo. Besides my lack of speaking Japanese, I have found it hard to feel at place with these crews. Tightly woven in there own social etiquette, that I only have some knowledge of, to come into this and train gives me the shakes but I love the out come. Although I don�t feel comfortable all the time I am playing and learning Capoeira, meeting people whom shear the same passion and we help and learn from each other!
From my interaction I�ve found a group that is really strict! A group that is so relaxed, a group that�s about being sneaking, a teacher that reminds me of my Mestre, a student that plays like Tucano! He he��etc, But they all give and are welcoming to receive me.
For foreigners (I guess you are C.G?) we experience the difficulties to find a comfy spot in the sun! in a country that�s not your own, but that�s life and to me one of the purposes of travelling is to be held within the uncomfortable spots and to experience a life we don�t know. We don�t always make it easy, but the great thing about this is that we know how to learn from things that are hard/dislike������sometimes.
Peace, go play Capoeira and move the game.
  2007-12-28 09:51:08
Your style here in NZ is very different from what I'm used to too (there is no angola group in Glasgow) and sometimes it's a bit hard when you feel like you shouldn't do half of the things you are used to doing and then you forget the other half. But I think it's good to try something new and I just want to thank all the lovely Auckland capoeiristas being so nice even though I've been a bit moody :). I hope I get my back working again so that I can actually train in the autumn again...
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