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  Topic: Ultimate fighter???
  2006-08-15 12:13:22
well maybe you'll think about that next time your my neck of the woods. claiming to be a bad ass,
  2006-08-15 12:27:52
so Feiticeiro your telling me if u had a chance to go a round with jet li you'd turn it down.... i know ur not a violent person but damn it would be great to get your ass kicked buy someone that good...

"you learn more when you loose than when you win"
Soke Tony Ball, fudoshin bijutsue
  2006-08-15 12:46:18
hell yes macarr'ao!! i would love to test my skills against someone jet or someone like earnesto hoost, ray sefo, or even musashi. the experience would be priceless.
  2006-08-15 16:28:29
Hey One Inch Puncher

Your original question/challenge is a little clich� don't you think?
But it has raised some interesting points and attitudes to the issues surrounding the modern Capoeiristas place in the world of martial arts.
  2006-08-15 16:41:28
OIP Bro, but what are YOU on to go get tripers trippin?

ai Feiticeiro ur always a suprize!
  One inch puncher
  2006-08-15 18:19:01
Hey narizinho even trippers got look at why they trippin'.

  2006-08-15 22:09:27
hey oip! if you wanted to know how capoeira, would go against a kung fu guy or a karate guy etc then, you would have to say its not a question of style, its a question of the individual's skill, everybody is different in how they approch things. martial arts weather it be the fighting aspects of capoeira, kung fu or whatever,should'nt teach how good you are, they should teach you how good your not. meaninig you reconise your own weaknesses and work on them, weather it be physical or spiritual. in future if you have a question about capoeira just ask nicely, i can garantee you, you'll get a better response. peace be the journey.
  2006-08-16 01:19:09
What great forum topic!!!

Not wanting to under-ride any of Ra and Feiticeiro, in fact nice flows. But just really writing to give props up to the One Inch Puncher� For being a sabotaging Devils Advocate and thus re-assessing the legend of Bimba.

Bimba�s skill level would have been immense. But without the context of Brazil combined with Capoeira at that time, would he have had the same capacity/will to survive? In 2 months of being in Bahia not once in Brazil did I see a street kid cry� not to say they don�t but they seemed so resilient to their situation. Juxtaposed to this is one of my first memories flying into Heathrow, London. A little blonde girl throwing a huge water-works temper tantrum. In the safety of NZ, how does Capoeira being both a fight as well as a dance fit into a factor of resilience?

Maybe it�s similar to what you�re saying about skill factor Ra, it�s individual. But at the same time Capoeira came from Brazil not completely by chance there�s obviously a cultural influence. What is you�re will to survive? Peace being the journey maybe� Or just plain day-to-day survival?

I was definitely thankful for what I�d learnt in Capoeira finding myself in a few serious �endangering my life� experiences in Brazil outside the Roda. Questions and blows aren�t always nice Ra. If they were Capoeira probably wouldn�t exist.
  2006-08-16 01:38:07
By the way in re-reading what I just wrote it sounded like my "What is you�re will to survive?" question was directed at only you Ra. It was meant to be one of those retorical thingy-me-bobs or more so general if anyone cares to take up the question. Maybe the answer lyes in The Eye of the Tiger. :oP
  2006-08-16 03:56:55
the answer to your question leao is as wide and as long as the ocean, but if i could some it all up into one word,that word would be truth. o.k
  Mung Bean
  2006-08-16 10:28:54
Looks like before long the Pasifika Mandingueiros found you out, according to one teacher, at the nth hour, capoeira is the art of escape....not attack....catch us if you can.

One Inch Puncher you're not bad ass, you're a cute fluffy little cuddly bear, you're ok man, really.

  2006-08-16 11:03:49
What up's Leao? hope tricks are all good over there, you coming over for the Carnival?
  One inch puncher
  2006-08-16 11:40:08
Yo you Capoeira peeps got your flow goin' on.
Word!! Leao props right back at ya!
I ain't got the eloquent styles but your hearing me.
Cause I'm hearing you on the Capoeira present and past.
Martial arts all over gotta look at what it means today and tomorrow.

  2006-08-16 12:29:23
There are many cards in play in this game.

Ra, just pulled out the Truth card.

Feiticeiro, the Freedom card.

Ra, Feiticeiro, and One Inch Puncher all have pulled... the card that exists much like a rainbow and as wonderous the depths of the ocean. In a galaxy far far away they call it The Force, often seen but rarely if ever grasped... the card of Unexplained Spiritual Strength. In certain disaplines we may call it either "Qi" or "Mandinga".

The other card is the card that sets reality to these other ambiguous cards, especially that of Truth. That being the card of Justice. Who has it?

I can't help to wonder though... Is there any Love interest?

Ra, I know you were keen for the challenge and maybe not so much to talk... By the way major props to you as well buav for being the only one to step up to the challenge. I just wanna ask you this Ra, or anybody else who's had similar experiences. Not having experience in other Martial Arts other than Capoeira... What makes you prefer (that is if you do prefer, which is my presumption) Capoeira to other Martial Arts. Does it have to do with Advantage?
  2006-08-16 12:35:20
Mugz... With the old Carnival Card!!!

What ya know... I got one too!

In Rotterdam tonight catching the Ferry to Norwich and onto me sis's. I'll be heading your way sometime in the week before Carnival.

What night is your party buav?
  2006-08-16 14:05:20
hey leao i can't choose between capoeira and other martial arts i love them all. thats like asking me to love one son more than the other. at 1st i trained capoeira for martial purposes, now have discovered something else a flaw if you will. hope that answered your question. hey one inch didd'nt mean to come off sounding like a bully, but like you , i want to know one of the truths of capoeira. you've obviously thought about this. if you took two guys, one capoeira (thats if he had no other choice but to fight) the other a kung fu, both of them equally skilled. what would the outcome be? how would they alppy their fighting art, could one adapt to the other in order to defend,evade and counter? the possibilities are endless. all i have done here is taken the question and stepped it up a notch. i think this is the most this message board has been used he he!
p.s what does props and buav mean?
  2006-08-17 11:38:02
Um... to be honest Ra, no it didn't answer my question... I don't know what you mean by "flaw" in such a left open context. Be cool if you could elaborate. By the way not intirely sure where props comes from... It could come from the word Proposition??? But it basically means thumbs up, good on ya, thanks etc. Maybe something to do with having all the props, as in having Theatre Props or Having the goods/stash. And "buav" as far as I know, I'm the only one who spells "brother" like "buav."

Hey, has anybody noticed that this forum has been the most responded to with a whopping 45 entries? ...Well 46 now. The only other one that comes even close was the "CAR POOL for Encounter" with 42. Sure there were a lot of repeatative entries but 3rd on the list was "New students to Capoeira - This is your forum!" with only 20 entries... And besides it just shows how heated it was or is...

Anyone for making the movie? The ratings would be astronomical!

  One inch puncher
  2006-08-17 12:01:42
Yo Le�o

Brings some crazy shit to the surface bauv.
Martial arts lets ya'll confront physical but how often you look at the internal?!
And when you it does come up who is gonna really listen or just fight it?

  2006-08-17 15:19:38
leao brother yourve been away for to long! there are suttle social differences between Brazilian street kid and a little temper tantrum blonde girl from london....there both fighting for something in the ovious way they know how ...and whats even more of a twist to the fight that, we'[ve all proply forgotten as we get older is that in that moment in time ...its all important ... i bet you cried like a little girl ha ha jokes dont take it personaly just pointing out the facts your heeding into winter we'[re warming up for summer!
and with your wired lingo card talk sounds like you been hanging out with some gypies!
its what comes your ways and what sticks ...capoeira has stuck and i cant get off it!
and these pages have probley the most words peps have said the trippers tricks are all ways a toppic of word
  Mung bean
  2006-08-17 20:58:46
Wasn't it someone who something about it's what you bring to capoeira not the art itself? your vadiar your jogar your mandinga...and it also about a different approach to our every day lives, that when it takes hold...
  2006-08-17 23:42:23
Hell yeah I've cried like a little girl Narizinho!!! No shame of that in my books... Which links into OIP's internal jive. The journey from creating a better way to deal with the fight from crying to whatever. I suppose when I've come to that point of crying, being violent or anything that appears pointless and destructive, is when I've instigated an internal shift. A shift that comes from expressing the internal into physical... a process of checking yourself. In that way "crying" is an expression, a point of blowing like a gasket... and something for the internal to learn from. In this way it's always checkable if one chooses to carry on fighting... or for that matter dancing.

Speaking of which... Anybody else with a Carnival card? L�ba? Yan?

Ah... Carnival... an explosion of expression before the winter months come along... So that one can better deal with the harsh-ities of their internal over winter months.

In the way that I saw Carnival being an example of cultural expression... I saw that the Brazilian street kid was a lot more advanced in dealing with their internal to external fight. The little English girl despite all her external comforts was not nearly as advanced. She seemed as though she hadn't focused on her internal nearly as much as the Brazilian street kid. In terms of me crying... I'd be more like the little english girl opposed to the brazilian street kid. This because I come from a culture that is part of the English speaking Western world. In fact, NZ's culture's fight seems to be less, considering being near to the top of the world in our youth suicide rates.

And by the way Narizinho... yeah your're right, I was hanging out with some Gypsies when I was working in the Pyrenees of South France this spring. But I may never have met them if it weren't for all the transients I've hung out with from the Homeland who've "stuck."
  2006-08-18 00:24:41
Not to jump back in this late in the discussion, but I think one inch puncher has a valid point when he talks about the internal as well as the external.

I've trained in a number of internal martial arts (aikido, tai chi chuan, wing chun), and I have to say that this is an aspect not too often discussed or trained in capoeira (not in my experience with capoeira, anyway. Maybe it's studied at more advanced levels).

While I still see a great deal of futility in creating abstract scenarios of Bimba fighting Jet Li (if we're getting hypothetical, let's drag spiderman into the mix while we're at it), I do see the importance of comparing and contrasting these various arts. From a martial arts point of view, I am no purist. I agree with Bruce Lee when he said you must take what you can from other arts and make them part of yours. I'm not saying throw a right hook at someone in the roda, but that there are important lessons to be learned from all martial arts, and internal training could certainly use a bigger focus in capoeira. The softness of Bagua and taichi applied in a roda can give you something new to think about, to try out, in the game.

With that said, gotta give some ups to a guy who drops into a capoeira forum and riles up the masses to post so fervently.
  2006-08-18 01:48:50
Man all this talk is great but when's the roda?

  2006-08-18 02:25:04
One of Mestre Lobao's central ideas to do with capoeira is that with training the capoeirista develop both physically but in order to develop an understnading about her/himself. Through this the person develops confidence discipline and sharpens their ability to learn.

He believes this is one of the way capoeira is an empowering force in our every days lives.

So who's gonna win? the Supa Maori Fulla that's who!
  2006-08-18 02:26:24

One of Mestre Lobao's central ideas to do with capoeira is that with training the capoeirista develop both physically but in order to develop he/she has develop an understnading about how to apply these lessons and an understanding about her/himself. Through this the person develops confidence discipline and sharpens their ability to learn.

He believes this is one of the way capoeira is an empowering force in our every days lives.

So who's gonna win? the Supa Maori Fulla that's who!
  One inch puncher
  2006-08-18 10:39:59
The most important struggle is internal.
Other peeps only reconize when ya'll externalize.

Gotta ask yourself how you gonna do that!?

  One inch puncher
  2006-08-18 10:59:01
One up on that...

Straight up the greatest fight you will ever have is with yo' self.

Martial arts is socialization on a different level and peeps forget that.
Like controlin' the basic instinct "fight or flight". Keepin' that in check in the mind and the physical.

Yo Mungunza ain't this a roda?
  One inch puncher
  2006-08-18 16:25:02
Yo macarr'ao where you at now?
Ain't got the stamina?
Or is it kick and run brutha?!
  One inch puncher
  2006-08-18 19:59:05
man, i'm just the man, look i'm gonna start teaching classes soon, so everyone can learn from me and be tough.

email me at [email protected]
  2006-08-19 08:48:18
to "One inch"

some of us hafta work u dim wit!!
we cant all spent our time trying to convince people we dont know that we sound tough....lol...idiot

u never answerd my question, tough boy.. u sure can talk big when your sitting behind a computer screen.
and dont call me brutha... its brother
when did we become brothers? dose mum know about this?

damn ive missed a bit

and to Le�o

my will to survive is Death.. of sourts...
before christianity slaughterd it's so called peacefull way through northen europe my people worshiped much diffrent gods... i have taken up the faith of my forebearers and wish to make my way into Valhalla... not for the glory, endless mead, meat and frendly full out combat but to do my bit at Ragnarock
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