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  Topic: Ultimate fighter???
  One inch puncher
  2006-08-19 11:36:37
Just like most shit in life you gonna get suckas who try to sabotage what others get started.

Someone got issues with being being though huh!
Feeling threatened or what?
Those of you who been reading the thread can see I don't play like that.
I don't do classes.
School yourself!
  One inch puncher
  2006-08-19 11:59:10
Macarro'ao your question: Can I do a 1 inch punch?
Yeah I can. I ain't sayin it's perfect yet.

Hey it's laugardagur/l�rdag/l�rdag today ain't it Macarro'ao?
  2006-08-20 14:32:35
I think one-inch was meaning to type the word "tough" instead of the word "though"

So One inch punch, are you saying that you have no teacher or mestre in whatever you practise? does that mean you proclaim to be one yourself?

I think the essence of being tough in a person comes from a desire to protect ones outside image from being seen as inferior... usually comes from feelings within that are inferior and often from being put in a situation like that in the past...
In saying that, its is beyond any persons judgement to recognise the way a person comes across without knowing what they could of been through in their past and how they choose to deal with it today...

(possibly unrelated, but...)
An article I read once, talked about how a good teacher gains respect from students from being admired and liked, rather than gaining respect through intimidation of his abilities.
  One inch puncher
  2006-08-20 22:10:10
Word Feiticeiro.
Ha ha damn your right.
Yeah the word is 'tough'.
I don't teach no class.... thats what I said.
I got teachers for sure.
Lessons come in any form too.

I can relate to what you sayin' and to the article you read. True! The teacher who relates to the struggles of the student sees the best results.

Open intimidation don't get no one no where. Only shows you got limited abilties for dealin' with the challenges in life.
Sinkin' to abuse of character only proves inferiority in your own character.

  2006-08-20 23:50:28
Hey OIP... who is your mestre?
  Mung bean
  2006-08-21 02:52:53
Yeah who is your teacher?
  One inch puncher
  2006-08-21 09:12:07
My teacher is Master Yu.
  Ming Bean
  2006-08-21 10:24:37
Do you mind if tell us a liitle about where your teacher is from
  2006-08-22 16:54:33
what style of kung fu do you practise? i'm just assuming that you practise kung fu because of your sifu's name.
  2006-08-22 17:02:08
man this is the most this message board has been used.... EVER!!! pasifika world record.... NICE BROTHERS hehe
  One inch puncher
  2006-08-22 17:22:23
Practised in Mantis Kung Fu, Tiger Kung Fu and Chen style Tai Chi and trying to learn Ba Gua Zhang.
  2006-08-28 15:55:57
chen style of tai chi from is that a family style?
  One inch puncher
  2006-08-29 09:38:54
Yeah ra.
Chen family style.
Kicks ass!
  2006-08-30 19:58:20
who teaches mantis and tiger kung fu?
  2006-09-29 14:57:07
Hey One Inch Puncher,

Have you seen Sione's Wedding?

  One Inch Puncher
  2006-09-29 15:41:54
I ain't.
  2006-09-29 22:53:35
It's funny...

You remind me of the white guy in the office.
  2006-10-08 00:52:00
an invitation to you 'ONE INCH PUNCHER''and to 'AKUMA; RA,MACCA RAO,to make some imput on my new show coming to you on the latest channel,SMACKDOWN HOETEL!!!
what i need is a perspective from each of you on the certain boil over between KAI TANGATA and STIKYFINGA.
perhaps you have nothing to say,thats just fine and dandy by me;at the end of the day,i DR PHILL,still get paid a tremendous fortune and more ginger beer in the fridge than texas has oil in the ground! oh and guys...dont mind the six foot eight itallian beside me, hes realy a nice guy,see yall real soon i hope!
  One Inch Puncher
  2006-10-10 09:27:05
Hey Doc I ain't trying to turn this into a joke like you.
Some of ya'll been gettin all twisted by the questions I ask.
Some crazy ass rasicism goin down too, I can't get with that shit.
So respect to ya'll in Capoeiraville and props to some who have been keepin it real!
I have learnt more than I thought.
  2006-10-11 13:56:53
Man your the joke. Stirring up this rasicism comment isn't helping anyone. You sound educated enough to know better then that. This jumping from one style to another at the drop of hat gives you a lack of integrety. If you suddenly feel hummunity because your getting ripped in to and we know who your master is and could track you down..though (sorry I meant tough). You can complement us and run. Then return later with much of the same smelly play. Or you can stand up to what your doing and not fall back on a master that would I'm sure be disapointed in you.
You are very audience orientated hitting us at the heart of our game. Is it a real martial art? well done! But who cares who's dad can kick whos dad's ass..
Look I got a good idea on who you... and if you want to be more audience orenitated. Then slow down your game in the real capoeira roda because you look like a malanco (baloon man fill of air at rugby/soccer matches) and trying to say everything you can all at once. And that way the message doesn't get through. Turn up to practises because thats the heart of the people what happens daily not what happens in the the ten secound you are there for. When the beginners are amused with the amazing body contortion and the older players are rolling their eyes because of your lack of abillity to listen to the music, lack of respect for the time the class starts and ends. Thats being out of context. You ain't moving anyone with your kicks that are out of range. And give people enough time to react to your theathrical movement. So we have the option to laugh or cry or whatever. It's ok to be scared a large part of capoeira that is over coming difficulties. But remember it's about a sense of danger not voilence' (big up to feticerio for that one) and overcoming that with something that tastes good to all of us.
  One Inch Puncher
  2006-10-11 16:19:04
Dis is for Andarilho
Don't think you know me when you ain't got a clue!
You trippin on some one else.
Why you jumpin on me for somethin you can see plain as day:
[ozie dissed Capoeira on TV!] - racism in that ... I ain't down that ... are you???
Check dat thread then check yo' self!

I was givin' props where props was due.
Big ups to feticerio and shouts out to many others.
Those who heard 'em deserve 'em.

  2006-12-18 09:50:14
Hey one inch puncher, nice selection of arts there; I love Ba gua, although the only teachers I've found here require you to have already mastered another art before they'll even think of teaching you.

Doesn't Kung Fu mean accomplishment through effort as opposed to a form of martial art? I'm probably just being picky :)
  2006-12-31 15:29:56
hey digital! nice to see your on the net. have you heard of an art called "wu chi"? i think the base school is in gizzy.
  One Inch Puncher
  2007-01-03 15:31:01
wu chi is da bomb
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  2007-01-19 03:19:19
[He he i like this guy!]
  2007-01-22 00:22:32
So... WHY exactly are you typing with an accent, OIP?
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