Welcome to Capoeira Mandinga Aotearoa!

tena koutou katoa, nau mai, haere mai ki te kura kaupapa capoeira

Capoeira (Kapo - way - ra with a rolled 'r') is a unique cultural art from Brazil. It was developed by Africans and their descendants, enslaved on Brazil's vast sugar and coffee plantations. It is a fighting art integrated with music, movement, gymnastics, theatrics and play. It is a game played in constant dance-like motion, weaving kicks, showing off gymnastic moves, playing tricks and casting sly smiles in an atmosphere charged by percussion and song.

Capoeira Mandinga Aotearoa is a national school with classes of all levels for adults and children. Beginners can start any time during the year. Some centres offer beginner block courses. There are also several workshops through the year in each centre. See the Class Timetable page for more specific information.

If you have any questions about capoeira or the nature of the classes please feel free to contact us.

Upcoming Events...

- Mestre Roxinho's 2nd International Encounter in Sydney

- End of Year Axe weekend featuring a special guest Mestre, Mokau NZ

2nd International Encounter         End of Year Axe Weekend 08

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Upcoming End of Year Axe Weekend Promo, Mokau, NZ