CAPOEIRA MANDINGA AOTEAROA invites you to join us in our biggest event of the year, the Easter Encounter – in 2013 to be held in Auckland! We are honoured to be hosting special guests Mestre Jogo de Dentro from the group Semente do Jogo de Angola, Mestre Plinio of the group Angoleiro Sim Senhô, and Mestre Roxinho of Sydney's ECAMAR school. 


The event will be hosted by the Capoeira Academy and Cultural Centre, and also feature the traditional CMA marae stay over the Easter weekend. The week’s activities will be packed with rodas, workshops, discussions, great food and lots of fun.


See below for registration info

This year's guests


Mestre Jogo de Dentro is one of the leading teachers of Capoeira Angola living today, and a strong reference point for the capoeira of our group, CMA. He is a student of Mestre João Pequeno, and branches of his own school Semente de Angola are now spread around the world. Based in Bahia, Brazil, he travels internationally teaching capoeira, and has visited New Zealand several times.

Mestre Plinio had been playing capoeira for over twenty years when in 1993 he met Mestre Jogo de Dentro. From this time he started to teach his first students, forming his group Angoleiro Sim Sinhô. He lived and trained with Mestre Jogo de Dentro for five years till he was graduated as a Contra Mestre. Since 1996 Mestre Plinio has been developing his work with capoeira angola in São Paulo at his centre on Rua Turiassu.

Mestre Roxinho  was initiated into the world of Capoeira Angola in 1979 at the Academy of Mestre Virgilio. In 2002, Mestre Virgilio gave him the title of Mestre. In 2006, Mestre Roxinho immigrated to Australia and established his school, Escola de Capoeira Angola Mato Rasteiro (ECAMAR), in Sydney and became the first Master of Capoeira Angola from Bahia to have established a school of Capoeira Angola in Australia.





Bookings now open:

Early Bird Price - $340  (pay by February 1st 2013)

(CMA Members  - $320)


Full Event price - $390

(CMA Members  - $380)

 Daily rate of $130 (includes meals and overnight stay)

  • The event includes Marae accommodation for the evenings of 29th and 30th March, with fantastic wholesome food provided during the Marae stay.


  • Early Bird price can be secured by making a $200 deposit by 1st Feb 2013, with the remaining balance to be paid at the event


  • Contact Yan for any questions, clarification or discussion: [email protected] or +64(0)275144629

Payment & bookings


Registration fee/Deposits can be paid directly to the following account:

Capoeira Mandinga Aotearoa  38-9003-0221176-01

Include your name as a reference. Please also note that deposits are non-refundable apart from exceptional circumstances.



Children welcome

There will be childrens’ activities organised as part of the event. Information about this and the children’s registration fees to be announced shortly.

Also friends and family of those taking part in the event are welcome to stay at the Marae with us and we just ask a small financial contribution of $30 per day towards meals and accommodation.



Outside of the three nights of Marae accomodation, the Thursday and Sunday nights will be hosted at the Capoeira Academy, and out of town participants will be offered a place to stay at CMA students' houses. Please contact [email protected] when booking to ensure we can organise a place for you.


Pre-Encounter 25-27 March

Please be aware that Mestre Plinio and Mestre Jogo de Dentro will be in New Zealand leading up to the Easter Encounter and that they will participate in pre-Encounter activities at the academy on the 25,26 and 27th March. If you are coming from out of town and are arranging flights and time off work, then you will probably want to consider including these days into your trip to get the most from the guest Mestres visit to New Zealand. More details to come shortly!



Outline of the Encounter 2013 schedule (subject to change)



Thursday 28th

Friday 29th

Saturday 30th

Sunday 31st

Monday 1st









-Powhiri - Welcome onto the Marae

Mangere Marae


- Workshop with Guest Mestre


-Workshop with Guest Mestre



-Workshop with Guest Mestre


- -Workshop with Guest Mestre


-Closing Roda

Capoeira Academy,

29 Randolph St









-Workshop with Guest Mestre



- Roda na Praça

-Workshop with Guest Mestre


-Whakapai Marae









-Opening Roda

Capoeira Academy,

29 Randolph St

- Friday Night Roda

-Bate Papo with Guest Mestres


-Samba de roda

- Party

Capoeira Academy,

29 Randolph St