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  Topic: Are all capoeira people hippies?
  2007-06-26 13:00:27
Ooh! ooh! 3 Pages! I think... cool
  2007-06-27 21:14:56
"dont want to get hit by a stray beam."

Hehe, that's like the EXXXXTREEEEME MUTANT CAPOEIRA equivalent of getting stepped on on the edge of the roda, or having someone do a queda da rins giratoria onto you... Of course, if they're laser death rays it's probably more like having an armada dupla land on top of you... Or a mortal...
  2007-06-28 20:21:53
see, the angolerio in me would just sit back, dodge, dodge, dance,, flip, dodge, bean´┐Żo, and then run away for some tea and cake....
  2007-06-30 14:33:59
hey george i'm not trying to stir up some dust wif you, but just out of curiosity why do u dislike marcello? u dont hav 2 reply if u dnt wnt 2
  iwjcp yrvtf
  2007-08-07 21:18:28
lypxabvho wxhfe mywtfi ovpkmdfg pbqzt xhflvqb ijbvfmzx
  2007-08-08 13:48:02
Like that's totally far out you running dog squirrel... Be at peace and one with the realm of nature. Crank out the guitar and we can sing songs around the fire.... "come fly with me.... lesbian seagull"
And then we can all hold hands in a circle to unite and rise up passively against the man and all his corporations. remember, make love, not war.
  hippy #2
  2007-08-08 13:54:26
...I'll unite with you ;)...
  2007-08-08 22:39:16
United they stand, divided they're too spaced out to grok gravity
  2007-08-09 20:06:38
Like my mama!
  2007-08-11 14:18:11
(Shoots the imposter)
Man, this is Nuttyier than squirrel poo
  2007-08-11 18:51:41
  2007-08-13 14:46:15
Why all the shit talking?
  2007-08-13 14:58:33
Cos we're hippies. We like poop. It's good for our soil.
  2007-08-13 14:59:42
Give us something we don't have to talk shit about and maybe we won't. Ya? Ya.
  me again
  2007-08-13 15:47:29
how about you smell
and your capoeiras shit.
  me me me
  2007-08-13 15:48:15
axe that fack face
  me me me
  2007-08-13 15:50:01
i mean fuck face
  2007-08-13 17:46:38
  2007-08-13 18:22:14
Thank you folks, for the opportunity to reminisce; the intercourse takes me back to the days when I was a primary school teacher on playground duty...

  2007-08-13 18:24:48
i reckon
  Sherlock Holmes
  2007-08-14 13:30:44
So... Curious George... Why come back without your original name? You never came back to keep discussing the original issue that was raised, so we were left to talk about whatever. Why come back as me/me again/me me me (yes I know that's you) and just throw frivolous little comments instead of making a real point? Nothing left to say? I mean, 'You smell and your capoeira's shit' - oops, capoeiras I mean - is clearly the well reasoned, excellently thought out, thought provoking, unrebuttable response of someone who knows what they're talking about...
  2007-08-14 16:56:07
With these bodily waste discharges, I wonder if we have sufficient fertilizer to grow a forum moderator.
  2007-08-14 18:00:04
The forum moderator is already fully grown, to a statuesque height by their breed's standards.
  2007-08-16 15:01:29
Statuesque? I'm flattered. Or flattened. Not sure which. Hmm. I'm glad I'm not grown from bodily waste discharges though.
  2007-08-16 17:49:54
you smell too. Sherlock homo
  Sherlock Holmes
  2007-08-16 18:37:27
Ah yes I do smell -- indeed, that's what my nose is for. And yes, I suppose I can be classified as a homo - of the sapien kind.
  2007-08-16 19:02:03
  Sherlocks Homie
  2007-08-17 12:22:31
"that's what my nose is for" well you got me there but no your more a homo - of the sexual kind

  Dear Watson
  2007-08-17 14:14:32
Sherlock, I get the impression this George fulla was probably someone who trained a while back, enjoyed it, was good at movement but couldn't grasp the deeper side of capoeira; had some kind of conflict with either himself, or someone else; left because of it; developed some sort of bitterness towards the group; then always wished he could come back because he wanted to be able to grasp that stuff and be part of the community, but couldn't swallow his pride so resorted to comin on here to take little stabs at the group where he could stay faceless and not have to be brave about anything. Like the bully in the playground who's jealous of the smart kid so sends his little bully henchmen to do his dirty work. I could be totally wrong of course, but that's why I'm just your trusty sidekick.
  Sherlock Holmes
  2007-08-17 16:45:59
Elementry my dear watson, well done old boy. weve got that George right where we want him.
Now off home for some vigorous ass fucking before class tonight.
what do you say old chap? sound like fun

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